Blue Knob Hall Gallery


Rose of love by Rupda Wilson
'Rose of love' by Rupda Wilson

2018 Exhibition Programme


"Landscape Within"

Fri 23rd March - 12th May

‘Landscape Within’ is the new exhibition currently showing at Blue Knob Hall Gallery. The artists who contribute to this community gallery are given a theme to work with for each exhibition and this theme ranges from anywhere between dreams, fantasy and reality.

The inner landscape is sometimes ephemeral, emotional, deeply feeling and to quote a Leonard Cohen song line “inner feelings come and go”............  often transient.

The artists who have exhibited in this show have presented work in 2D and 3D. They have shown us the landscapes of our dreams, somewhere we might escape to, or those real places we carry within us that are remembered and hold meaning for us. The artists have risen to the theme and Papillion’s mixed media sculptural piece called ‘Inner Child’ is a somewhat confronting image and is expressed eloquently in all its rawness. It presents an inner life that we don’t often get to see and carries this theme to a deep and feeling place.

The exhibition runs until Sat 12th May.


Sphinx Rock & Mt Burrel Helen Douglas
'Sphinx Rock & Mt Burrell' by Helen Douglas


Blue Knob Hall Gallery 719 Blue Knob Road, Lillian Rock NSW 2480


Inner Child by Papillon
'Inner Child' by Papillon


Woven Bowl by Annette Kapitze
'Woven Bowl' by Annette Kapitze