Blue Knob Hall Gallery


Standing Pot,Bowls Vase by lorraine Lintern- Cloth (background) by Fiona Shadwell
Standing Pot, Bowls Vase by lorraine Lintern
Cloth (background) by Fiona Shadwell

2017 Exhibition Programme


"A Place of Dreams"
"Snap My Community" Photographic Exhibition

Fri 4th August - Sunday 24th September2017
Thursday to Sunday from 10am

The two current exhibitions at Blue Knob Hall Gallery are ‘A Place of Dreams’ and the Nimbin Senior’s “Snap My Community“ Photographic exhibition.

Having these two shows running concurrently has been a perfect kind of symmetry as many if not all the images in ‘Snap my Community’ express a wonderful sensibility of a place, of a town that is enjoyed, places where people find calm, enjoyment and a place to dream or rest. All the entries in the competition have been hung, along with the prize winners so if you didn’t get a chance to see them first time around they are all worth seeing.

The artists that have exhibited in Blue Knob Hall Gallery’s ‘A Place of Dreams’ have produced work that has created an ethereal sense of a place that dreams could inhabit. The exhibition has a dreamy, light feeling and the response to the theme by the artists has produced some interesting artworks in paintings, sculpture, cloth and ceramics. An installation of a bed, netting and video by Christine Wynyard & Heather Kimber has found its mark with people; they have been enjoying the sense of a bed in a public place, taking a rest under the netting, and sometimes a quick nap.

Selections of Len Martin’s photographic images of the interior of the Nimbin Museum are delights to the eye, as so many of us remember what an artwork the whole exterior and interior was. These images were taken between Dec 2004 and Feb 2005 and are a treasure for the community as a whole after the Museum was lost by fire.

Many a dream has been fulfilled in this place/town where a different kind of life can be lived. When we are free to follow our dreams we can be lead into a creative life or a life filled with all that has meaning for us.

Both exhibitions run concurrently until Sat Sept 24th.


Counting Sheep by Maureen Whittaker
'Counting Sheep' by Maureen Whittaker


Blue Knob Hall Gallery 719 Blue Knob Road, Lillian Rock NSW 2480


All Is - The Dreaming PLace by Linnie Lambrechtsen
'All Is - The Dreaming PLace'
by Linnie Lambrechtsen


Bundjalung ceiling by Len Martin
'Bundjalung ceiling'
photograph by Len Martin