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Woven pots by Deborah Brown
'Woven pots' by Deborah Brown

2017 Exhibition Programme


"Threads - The Fibre Show"

Fri 2nd June - Sunday 30th July 2017
Thursday to Sunday from 10am

We are held; woven together by the threads of life and we wear our ‘threads’ with pride. From the woven to the felted, knotted, knitted, stitched or carved- the medium of fibre takes many forms. Most fibre comes from the natural environment and has over millennia been transformed by humans into items that we use to carry, contain, clothe and decorate ourselves.

Natural and manmade fibres come in a variety of forms and once again the fabulous works from the fibre artists and artisans who exhibit in this annual fiesta of fibre at Blue Knob Hall Gallery have proven that we can’t live without it.

As part of the Lismore Women’s Festival, the Mariam’s Day gathering at the beginning of March created a Wheel of Peace. With the theme of Weaving Traditions and Lives together, thread, fabric and paper were woven through the wheel with thoughts on the many ways to support Peace.

The Wheel of Peace is being exhibited at the Gallery during this exhibition and adds a very welcome dimension to our understanding of our own world and the ability of a humble piece of cloth to carry a message of utmost importance.

The exhibition runs from June 1st – July 30th

The Blue Knob Farmers Fibre Fermenters Market will be running their Fibre Festival from 9am -1pm on Sat 3rd June. There will be stalls, speakers and a programme on the Stitch & Enrich Stage with Granny Breathweaver.


Wheel of Peace with Dr. Zuleyha Keskin.jpeg
'Wheel of Peace' with Dr. Zuleyha Keskin


Blue Knob Hall Gallery 719 Blue Knob Road, Lillian Rock NSW 2480


tea shirt by Mary Adams
'tea shirt' by Mary Adams


Safe by Enid Taylor
'Safe' by Enid Taylor