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Encaustic Workshop
by Mo Godbeer

Moore Workshop Space


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Encaustic Beginners Workshop with Mo Godbeer
August 28th - 29th 2016, 9.30-4pm

In this class you will learn about the history of encaustic, studio safety and how to prepare your own encaustic medium and paints. Mo will go through board preparation, fusing, how to create smooth and textured surfaces, and layering to achieve amazing effects with beeswax and resin.

Mo will impart her vast knowledge of encaustic and share with you loads of tips and tricks for working in encaustic.

You will get to try techniques such as collage, image transfer, etching, scraping, layering and use of other materials such as charcoal, graphite, inks, dry and oil pastels, stencils & masks, batik pens, collage. Working with line and edge. Pigment and oil sticks. Layering medium and techniques to achieve luminosity and interest.

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